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Build any site you can imagine on a fully open source platform

<Hosting Plans/>

1. To get help setting up the CDN, contact a member of our support staff.
2. By default, you will start with 5GB of Dedicated SSD Storage. However, once you have hit at least 2.5GB of storage, you can request to be upgraded to 8GB at no charge
3. If you exhaust your 8GB of storage, you can be upgraded to 16GB for free.

<We are not a budget host!/>

While this sounds bad, this is actually a huge advantage. Most budget hosts severely limit you on CPU, RAM, or even operations per second. Here at Go Atlanta Hosting, we provide you with the fastest hardware available to us. Currently our servers run Intel® Xeon® E5-2640 v4 Processors to make sure your site is never bottlenecked by your processor.

<Do you have any Questions/>

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a simple management interface for hosting websites. We have cPanel hosting and we have Wordpress hosting on cPanel available to our customers.

What if I need more storage/bandwidth/etc...

We understand that every website is unique. That is why we will custom build a plan to suite your needs. You can purchase more storage, purchase more bandwidth, and if even that isn't enough we can set you up with a virtual private server or even a dedicated server.

Do you have dedicated IP addresses?

Normally our sites share an IP address to cut down on cost for our customers. However, we understand that some customers will need a dedicated IP address, particularly for eCommerce sites.

You can purchase dedicated IP addresses for $11.99/month. (Please note, this is only available on accounts with cPanel.)

I don't see my question...

This is just our basic FAQ, you can visit our full FAQ HERE or you can visit our knowledge base HERE.


Or just contact us to get your question answered now.

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