<Advanced Support/>

Let us maintain your site while you focus on your business.

<What is Advanced Support?/>

Plugin Setup

Sometimes installing plugins to your site isn’t just as simple as go to the plugin directory and hit install. That is why we will install an unlimited number of plugins for you per month.


Theme Setup

Themes aren’t always the easiest thing to install. That is why we will work to install new themes to your site and get them working. We can also create child themes for you so you can safely edit your parent theme. *Note, while we do offer theme setup for design services please consult our web development team.

Configuration Changes

Don’t understand how to configure the intricacies of your site? No problem! We will handle configuring your site to your needs. Just provide us with your expected outcome and we will work to configure your site.


Site Recovery

Did you make a mistake with your site while you were editing it and forgot to download a backup? No problem! We will work to debug your site and get it back online and work to maintain your data.

<Speak with an Expert/>

Still not sure? Contact us to speak with one of our experts to learn exactly what we do and how we can help you.

<Okay… how much does this cost?/>

1. Does not include content writing or SEO. Additionally, once your 4 support hours are exhausted, additional edits are billed at $150/hour. You will be made aware if work will push past 4 hours so you are not surprised with extra billing.

2. Does not include changes to layout. Client must provide changes to existing text blocks. Up to 5 images or videos can be changed per support session. Extra edits are billed at $150/hour. You will be made aware if work will push past 4 hours so you are not surprised with extra billing.

<We support all hosts!/>

We understand that not everyone wants to host their site us, that is why we offer our advanced support to everyone. However, not all hosts and platforms are the same, contact us below to get a quote on your Advanced Support.

<Do you have any Questions/>

What do you not cover?

While our advanced support covers a lot, we do have to draw the line at a few points. Jobs exceeding your 4 hours of work per month will be invoiced. However, we will make you aware of this before we begin so you don't receive a surprise invoice.

Do I need to host with you to get Advanced Support?

Not at all! Regardless of where you are hosted, we can provide advanced support to you. Now, depending on the complexity of your host and your site we may need to adjust our rates but we will remain extremely competitive.

What platforms do you support?

Primarily we focus on Wordpress or our website builder. However, we are willing to support other platforms. However, platforms other than Wordpress or our website builder may come at an additional cost.

I don't see my question...

This is just our basic FAQ, you can visit our full FAQ HERE or you can visit our knowledge base HERE.


Or just contact us to get your question answered now.

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